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Danubia Mars 66 Refractor Astro Telescope

Danubia Mars 66 Refractor Astro Telescope

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The Mars 66 Telescope is an ideal refractor telescope for anyone starting out star gazing and who wants to keep the costs down. The Danubia Mars 66 telescope kit has an adjustable aluminium tripod, three eyepieces, a 2x Barlow lens and a 90-degree diagonal mirror, a moon filter and an erecting eyepiece included. Refractor telescopes have a single objective lens, which bends light enabling distant objects to be seen clearly.

"For anyone starting out star gazing and who wants to keep the costs down."

It is ideal for stargazing as it has a 35-350x magnification which can be expanded using a range of accessories, (not included) and makes this telescope a benchmark to begin a new hobby. The three eyepieces are a Super Ramsden SR4mm giving 175x magnification, a Huygen H12.5mm giving 56x and a Huygen H20mm eyepiece giving 35x magnification, so plenty of scope for viewing depending on atmospheric conditions and what you want to see.

"The Mars 66 is easy to transport."

Other eyepieces can be used to expand the viewing capabilities and star maps and moon box kits, can help new astronomers to understand what they are looking at. Sun foils are available for looking at sun spots and the telescope will typically pick up large moon craters, the rings of Saturn and most nebulae. The telescope can easily be transported to areas with low light pollution, or simply left in the corner of the room, assembled and ready to go; definitely creating interest. 2-year warranty included.

Mount / Tripod AZ-2 / Aluminium
Lens 60m
Focal Length 700
Focal Ratio 1:11.7
Acessory Mount 1/4 inch
Eyepiece / Magnification SR4/175x, H12.5/56x, H20/35x
Tube Length 72cm
Weight App 3.5kg
Finder Scope 5.24