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Danubia Saturn 50 Newton Reflector Astro Telescope

Danubia Saturn 50 Newton Reflector Astro Telescope

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The Danubia Saturn 50 Telescope is a classic Newtonian telescope which has fine adjustment capabilities through the equatorial mount, counterbalance and flexible shafts; this offers maximum movement which is ideal for setting up the telescope.

Newtonian telescopes are generally less expensive than other types as it only has two mirrors, one primary and a secondary diagonal mirror It has a magnification of 45-450x which can be expanded further by optional eyepieces and has a relatively wide field of view, which helps the user to locate the stars, planet and moon. The Saturn 50 Telescope will take a motorised drive (sold separately) which helps to track the night sky when in use and a photo adapter (sold separately) for added accuracy and for astrophotography. The Danubia Saturn 50 comes with three eyepieces the Super Ramsden SR4mm which gives 225x magnification, the Huygen H12.5mm for 72x magnification and the Huygen 20 for 45x magnification. They can be easily taken off and replaced depending on atmospheric conditions and what needs to be seen in the night sky. The Saturn 50 also has a Barlow 2x lens, moon filter, aluminium tripod and a 2-year warranty.

The Saturn telescope will allow the user to see the craters on the moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, although fine detail will not be visible, Saturn's rings will be in view, and nebulae and star clusters can be located. With additional eyepieces and no light pollution, more distant galaxies will be in view, but again, will not be detailed and it will depend on atmospheric pressure and light pollution. Sun filters are available for enthusiasts who want to study the sun and an erecting eyepiece is an advantage for users who want to keep the image the correct way up.

Mount EQ-2
Tripod Aluminium
Mirror Diameter (mm) 114mm
Focal Length (mm) 900mm
Focal Ratio 1:7.9
Eyepieces / Magnifying SR-4 225x
H12.5 - 72x
H20 - 45x
Tube Length 90cm
Weight (kg) 11kg
Finderscope 5x24
Inc Accessories 2x Barlow Lens
Moon Filter