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Danubia Meteor 31 Newtonian Reflector Astro Telescope

Danubia Meteor 31 Newtonian Reflector Astro Telescope

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The Newtonian style of telescope is great for looking at the night sky, as it is relatively free from chromatic aberrations which is a distortion of the colour spectrum when focusing, which sometimes occurs on refracting telescopes. The Danubia Meteor 31 Telescope is a complete mirror telescope for beginners with a focal length of 700mm and a minimum magnification of 35x-232x. and will take 1.25" eyepieces. The eyepieces that come with the  Meteor Telescope are the  F6mm which gives 116x magnification of the focal length of this telescope, and the Huygen H20mm which gives 35x magnification  It has a wide field of view, which makes locating stars and planets a lot easier and it is supplied complete with weights and settings to enable very fine adjustments which are necessary when setting up the telescope.

The Newtonian style of the telescope is great for looking at the night sky

As is usual with telescopes, the image shown through the eyepiece is inverted, so if required, an erecting prism can be used (sold separately) with the eyepiece which will invert the image so it is upright. The overall length of the Meteor 31 at 70cm, makes it less bulky than a lot of telescopes in its category and on a clear night it is possible to see the moon and its craters, the rings on Saturn and most nebulae.

This Danubia Astro telescope comes complete with a sturdy aluminium tripod, Barlow Eyepieces, which extends the original eyepiece magnification by two, a finder eyepiece and a moon filter, but also has the ability to take optional eyepieces, with a greater magnification and additional items including a camera fitting attachment. (Not supplied) this enables a camera to be attached to the telescope, so that images of the night sky can be taken.

The 2 year warranty which is included with the price, means worry-free star gazing.

Mount AZ-1
Tripod Aluminium
Mirror Diameter (mm) 76mm
Focal Length (mm) 700mm
Focal Ratio 1:9.2
Eyepieces / Magnifying F6 - 116x
H20 - 35x
Tube Length 70cm
Weight (kg) 3.2kg
Finderscope 5x24
Inc Accessories 2x Barlow Lens
Moon Filter