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Dorr Skin Camera Case XS Black Drawstring Pouch

Dorr Skin Camera Case XS Black Drawstring Pouch

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The bright and attractive Dorr Skin Drawstring Pouch is a great storage option for a camera, lens or anything else which will fit and will always be visible, even in the very bottom of a camera bag! This pouch is universal and will fit anything slightly smaller than the listed dimensions. Made of high quality, strong polyurethane and polyester, the Skin Pouch will hold and protect almost anything and can then be stored away in a larger bag for transporting or storage. Available in different sizes and in either yellow or black.


XS - 7 x 14 x 5cm

S - 8 x 16 x 5cm

M - 10 x 18 x 6.5cm

L - 10 x 23 x 6.5cm

XL - 13 x 22 x 7.5cm