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Danubia Telephoto f8.0 900mm Mirror Lens T2 Mount

Danubia Telephoto f8.0 900mm Mirror Lens T2 Mount

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With the DÖRR telephoto 900mm mirror lens you can take photos from a great distance. The lens is suitable for wildlife and nature shots, astrophotography as well as for close-up shots. The lens can be attached to almost any DSLR or Mirrorless camera with the addition of a T2 mount in the appropriate fitting (sold separately).

The catadioptric construction, derived from astronomy, is a combination of optical mirrors and lenses. The beam path is deflected by mirrors in the lens. This construction enables the short and compact design and makes the telephoto lens an ideal companion when travelling.

A special feature of the mirror lens is the fixed aperture. It is possible to take pictures in manual exposure mode (M) as well as with aperture priority (A). Another optical characteristic: light dots out of the focus range are shown as circles – a great tool for creative picture composing. The focusing is done manually.

A multi-layer coating on the lens surfaces ensures high light transmission, improved sharpness and brilliance. The robust and durable lens housing is made of metal.

The mirror telephoto is fitted with a 105 mm filter thread to mount optional filters. In the DÖRR accessory range you will find suitable UV filters and polarization filters.

The lens comes with a lens cap, a lens rear cap and a pouch.

Universal fitting

Can be fitted to almost any interchangeable lens camera: Mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras and even 35mm film cameras. All you need is a simple T2 adapter, which you can purchase in a range of fittings just by clicking here.